Excuses for Coming Late to Class

Morning classes and hell somewhat belong in the same category because you are forced to go there without your consent. Running late to class is not something out of the ordinary, and you may have come across multiple instances where you were late to a class. Probably, in order to avoid your teacher’s wrath, you may have furnished lame excuses.

In case you failed to shortlist the best assignment writing service for yourself and were compelled to work until midnight, you can use the following hilarious excuses to back yourself:

Traffic was terrific:

If you stay far from campus, you can blame the traffic as an excuse. Try to add a dramatic effect to your story by incorporating a fake accident incident. For example, you can start with a thief robbing a store and conclude your story with excessive traffic on the road. Remember to equip your story with relevant facial expressions so that your teacher doesn’t investigate it further, at least until the class ends

Play the sympathy card:

Although, it is not a great idea, but if you possess exceptional acting skills, you will do just fine. Show up to the classroom with loads of bandages and, if you want to go the extra mile with this excuse, you can even wear a neck collar. Remember to scream in periodic intervals so that you can gain your teacher’s sympathy.

Blame the clock:

You may have pushed your snooze button so many times that you can’t even remember the exact number. However, you need to play the victim card to portray yourself innocent in the eyes of your teacher or, at least, try to do so. Tell your teacher that your alarm clock stopped functioning at night and you rushed your way to the class as soon as you opened your eyes.

Blame the weather:

Generally, harsh weather is not a nice omen, and you should pray not to encounter extreme weather conditions. Nevertheless, they can be great as an excuse in case you are running late to class. Again, add a dramatic flair to your story by multiplying the adversity twice. For example, start with a tree breaking down, blocking your residence’s gate, and demonstrate how you made your way to the class in a heroic manner. Complement your conversation with accurate physical actions so that you can reflect your enthusiasm through them https://www.abcessays.co.uk

Use stereotype examples:

If you do not have the knack to put up with the play of the examples above, stick to the typical excuses. These excuses may include:

  • Helping an elderly lady cross the road.
  • The tale of a tyre puncture.
  • Medication side effect.
  • Cab hailing service issues.

Since you are familiar with this category of excuses, you can add many more to the list.

These are some of the ways you can use to surprise your teachers and probably make them laugh. In case they buy it, consider yourself lucky and note this excuse for future reference. All the very best to you!

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Jason Daniel is an experienced educationist and he has also been in teaching for the 7 years providing writing help to students for many years. Getting his service is cheap hence every student prefers getting his essay writing service uk. He always produces high-quality work.

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